Warranty Conditions



Original compressors have a 2-year warranty (DL 67/2003 of 8 April, amended by DL84 / 2008 of 21 May), with the exception of compressors for vehicles for professional use which have a 6-month warranty (article 921 of the Civil Code ). According to Decree – Law No. 383/89, of 6 November, RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS may repair or replace the defective part.

RPL QUALITY compressors have a 1-year warranty, with the exception of compressors for professional vehicles that have a 6-month warranty

The guarantee of a defective compressor can only be recognized if together with the documentation that proves that the system was cleaned before the assembly was provided, since most of the defects detected in the compressors come from the non-cleaning of the residues existing in the A/C circuit.


1. Recover the refrigerant gas in the circuit, not allowing it to escape into the atmosphere.
2. Clean the entire circuit with a special cleaning liquid. If there are residues (filings), do not reuse the gas recovered from the circuit.
3. Always replace the dehydrator filter (accumulator), as well as the expansion valve, or expansion tube, if applicable.
4. According to our instructions, you should always remove the oil inside the compressor (transport oil) and restore the level recommended by the manufacturer.
5. Replenish the amount of oil required for each element of the air conditioning circuit that is cleaned or replaced: 50cc for the condenser; 50cc for the evaporator; 10cc per meter of tube; 40cc by the dehydrating filter. If the oil is not replaced after cleaning the circuit or replacing the 6. part, the compressor runs out of oil and flu.
7. Before installing the compressor, rotate the clutch pulley at least 10 times, so that the oil can reach all parts of the interior of the compressor and thus lubricate it.
8. Check the alignment of the belt (very important).
9. Refill the circuit with the refrigerant gas, in the correct amount.

Failure to comply with any of these steps will cause RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS to automatically void the warranty, even if it is within the deadlines.