General Sales Conditions



The conditions listed below are applicable to all product sales.

Any customer making a purchase will accept these conditions without reservation.


RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS reserves the right to ask possible customers for information about its activity and the necessary documents for opening an account, by means of which it is presented, it may or may not accept the customer.


Orders can be made by:

Phone: +351 289 381 720


Website:, with password provided by RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS.

All orders will be supplied by commercial / financial agreement accepted between RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS and the customer.

In case of non-payment, RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS reserves the right to suspend the supply of products and cancel access to the website until the situation is normalized. The contract for the sale of our products is governed, in all circumstances, by Portuguese law and in the event of a dispute all matters will be dealt with in the court of Loulé, Portugal.


The updated unit prices are on the website, excluding VAT and transport, duly referenced.

On these prices RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS may apply a commercial discount, which will be referred to in the particular sales conditions depending on the annual purchases of each customer.


RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS always sends its products with postage included in the invoice, unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Complaints must be made and substantiated by the customer.

The customer must check the quantities, weight, dimensions and condition of the goods.


The original parts have a 2-year warranty (DL 67/2003 of 8 April, amended by DL84 / 2008 of 21 May), with the exception of parts for vehicles for professional use which have a 6-month warranty (article 921 of the Civil Code ). According to Decree – Law No. 383/89, of 6 November, RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS may repair or replace the defective part. The RPL QUALITY brand parts have a 1-year warranty, with the exception of parts for vehicles for professional use that have a 6-month warranty (article 921 of the Civil Code).

Compressors are guaranteed by the customer’s COMPLIANCE with our WARRANTY CONDITIONS.


RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS does not allow returns of goods that have been handled by the customer, only with the authorization of RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS.

RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS will accept returns that have been previously communicated and accepted.

Once the return is accepted, RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS. it will make an analysis of what happened with the product and inform the customer whether or not it is credited.

If the goods have gone against refund, RPL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS will not refund the refund.

A credit will be left in the customer’s account. In future purchases the amount will be amortized.


In order to guarantee an appreciation of the same, we need the guarantee request form to be completely filled out. Always include a copy of the invoice for the service provided to the final customer.